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Industry: Inventory Control

Founded: 2002


We love creating systems.

In the early days of SimplyRFiD, we got a call from the FBI. They showed up in Carl’s basement in a Virginia suburb. They wanted to know if they could detect tags inside a briefcase. At that time, RF also interrupted cellular services. The FBI was impressed we had jammers for their phones and might have made them more interested in the technology and the tricks we were up to. We demonstrated RFID tags reading from across the room, inside boxes. They wrote an IOU on a piece of paper, boxed up all the equipment, and walked out the door to their black SUVs.

A few months later, a news report of a sting operation involving RFID catching a multi-million dollar theft ring. Eventually, we sold more than 25 Sting Kit systems.

When we saw the DoD publish a 300-page MilSpec on how to tag with RFID — we decided we could simplify it and made a one-page document for shipping RFID-tagged products to the military. For $1. Our competitors were charging $250 a tag and took days of paperwork. We still serve most of the military market, shipping millions of RFID tags annually.

For pharmaceutical companies, we developed an RFID add-on system for refrigerators. Our Hibernis RFID refrigerator system tracks millions of critical care pharmaceuticals daily. We went from prototype to 3,000 deployed units in less than three years. Our latest evolution is a purpose-built RFID refrigerator designed for RFID, making deployment easier, more reliable, and swanky.

We do all this with a team of 40 amazing creators working tirelessly because it’s what we love doing.