How SimplyRFID is Taking IT Asset Management Into the 21st Century

SimplyRFiD Wave: Radio Frequency Identification Tracking for IT Departments

SimplyRFID streamlines inventory and asset tracking, helping data centers and IT Asset Management (ITAM) stay on top of expensive corporate assets with increased visibility.

“Aside from staff, corporate IT equipment is the largest expense in operating a company.”

     -Carl Brown, CEO of Simply RFID.  

Corporate IT assets are expensive. And much of the time, managing this kind of tech comes with more questions than answers. What do I own? Where is it? When was it last counted? How do I know? Because the equipment is often so complex in nature, it can make a number of items difficult to track.

In working with MercadoLibre, one of the largest online marketplaces in the Americas, SimplyRFID was able to take inventory time from days to just minutes. By simply placing RFID tags on equipment, tagging several thousand of their servers — a task the team at Mercado said took their inventory from 5-7 days to complete — took less than a day. Most of the time was spent reporting on missing items and updating inventory and asset systems.

Now, SimplyRFID can simply scan a Cisco barcode and pull the part information from their online database. The information available through an RFID tag means no more having technicians slog through the ‘hot side’ of the data center to acquire product information.

Not only does increased asset visibility mean more accountability, faster tracking and inventories, but also faster service. Users can see a server's physical location, its last known location and past service information, which is key information for service and planning systems. A tag can be scanned for each rack so users can easily know which rack an asset is located. A wide number of tags designed for a wide range of tracking applications ensures the right tag for the right product. Scanning the rack contents again automatically updates the last inventory location.

Increased visibility is a key part of maximizing the lifespan and value of expensive IT assets. SimplyRFID provides a simple and fast way to ensure that assets aren’t forgotten about, or fall into disrepair. A modern approach to the management of IT assets helps prevent organizations from potential pitfalls like overspending on hardware or software, unplanned server downtime, non-compliance and even security threats.

Especially now, as remote work becomes more mainstream across industries, it will take a powerful versatile system to meet the ever-growing demand of instant, accurate information. SimplyRFID is rising to meet those challenges with its wide array of world-class organizational solutions that take complex ITAM into the palms of their customers’ hands.

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Source: SimplyRFiD


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