Omnichannel Selling Increases Revenue 9.5%


RFID allows items to be located quickly and enables weekly inventory counts needed for omnichannel and BOPIS systems. SimplyRFID releases an affordable, $2,500 turnkey RFID inventory system, making omnichannel a reality for everyone.

The roadmap for businesses to thrive in the growing e-commerce market begins with omnichannel support. The leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, SimplyRFID, offers an affordable, turnkey solution for businesses to get up and running with daily and weekly inventory, rendering their slow and manual tracking processes obsolete.

Omnichannel support helps drive more sales and traffic to their business. Companies with a strong omnichannel strategy see a 9.5% increase in annual revenue, according to Aberdeen Group. SimplyRFID's $2,500 turnkey inventory system makes omnichannel support a reality for everyone.

Accurate inventory tracking is critical for business success and revenue growth as more and more consumers migrate towards online-only shopping experiences. SimplyRFID products like the Wave handheld reader can update over 1,000 items of inventory in two minutes. A built-in feed called "In Stock" allows a retailer to quickly publish results by store location, allowing them to push SEO and other marketing information by geography to let customers know that products have been freshly restocked.

Inventory accuracy is essential to having the right products available when the customer wants them. Inability to forecast and track buying trends causes inventory problems, which leaves retailers unable to fulfill orders. While inventory management has always been a challenge for retailers, new buying options have made the process more complex. 

Today's retailers must prepare to fulfill sales online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and through initiatives like BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) and SFS (ship from store). Businesses relying on outdated methods of inventory tracking and order fulfillment processes will not be able to compete.

"When a retailer posts a product it doesn't have in stock, it both loses a sale and negatively impacts customer loyalty," said SimplyRFID CEO Carl Brown. "Today's online customers expect their orders to be filled, and they expect them to be filled fast. Inventory isn't something done every quarter for a report. It's now part of the operations of the company and needs daily or weekly attention to provide a top customer experience."

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