RFID Technology Made Simple: How SimplyRFID Earned the DoD as Its Best Customer

RFID Technology Made Simple: How SimplyRFID Earned the DoD as Its Best Customer

The team at SimplyRFID took a 300-page Department of Defense (DoD) manual detailing how to ship RFID tagged items to the military and boiled it down to one page — earning them their reputation as the number one supplier of RFID tagged products to the U.S. military.

​​​​​​In SimplyRFID’s infancy, the small team received a call from the FBI. Shortly after, they showed up at President and CEO Carl Brown’s basement in a Virginia suburb, wanting to know whether it was possible if they could detect tags within a briefcase. After demonstrating the ability to read RFID tags from across the room, the agents quickly wrote an IOU on a piece of paper, boxed up the equipment and disappeared out the door. Months later, a news report emerged of a sting operation that led to the bust of a multi-million dollar theft ring involving the use of RFID; it would lead to the sale of over 25 Sting Kit systems.

SimplyRFID had made a good first impression with the U.S. government; the capabilities of RFID, along with the use of RF signals to jam cellular devices, and the various other projects the team at SimplyRFID was pursuing, caught the FBI’s attention, earning SimplyRFID recognition as a major player in RFID technology.

For the innumerable number of high-value items and mission-critical equipment transported each year, the Department of Defense needed the accuracy and security that only RFID technology could provide. Upon their publishing of a 300-page guide on how to properly tag with RFID, the team at SimplyRFID took matters into their own hands and simplified it down to one page, once again catching the eye of the U.S. government.

Unequaled knowledge and expertise helped solidify SimplyRFID's reputation and position as the number one supplier of RFID tags to the U.S. military. While competitors charged $250 per tag, accompanied by days worth of paperwork, SimplyRFID charged one dollar. To this day, SimplyRFID continues to serve the vast majority of the military market, shipping millions of RFID tags each year.

For more information on DoD RFID Tag requirements, visit https://www.simplyrfid.com/faq/dod-rfid-tag-requirements/.

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SimplyRFID is a software & hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world. RFID is a fast-growing technology using low-cost (15 cents) microchips we can attach to just about anything and monitor where they move. SimplyRFID makes the impossible simple. 

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