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SimplyRFID Pro-Tags

SimplyRFID launches a redesign of its well-loved PTX DoD RFID tags.

SimplyRFID, the leader in RFID technology, has paved the way for Department of Defense (DoD) Suppliers. The innovative tech pioneer has effectively simplified shipping to the DoD with its Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) uploader and same-day tag production. The release of a brand new label design to its famous Pro-Tags XTraveler (PTX) tags has only resulted in a further enhancement to the quality of the company's RFID tags. 

In the later stages of 2020, the SimplyRFID team dedicated the majority of its time to finding a way to simplify shipping processes with RFID for their customers. The new design template for case and pallet tags displays human readable information clearly, giving customers the opportunity to easily discern the two different tag types. The printable media promotes human readability and has proven to be the best version of the PTX tags that the team has produced to date. The tags are scheduled to launch in late January; all orders placed in the year 2021 will feature the new design. 

SimplyRFiD PTX tags are the #1 pre-programmed Gen2 DoD RFID labels with extended RFID read range guaranteed to exceed DFARS 252.211-7006 requirements. Each label includes a waterproof and chemical-resistant 0.5" duplicate peel-off traveler label, a printed manifest of tag values, a Certificate of Conformance, as well as iRAPT and VIM-ASAP upload software that expedites RFID data uploads.

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SimplyRFID is a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world.

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