SimplyRFID is Disrupting the Retail Industry to Yield Favorable Results for Retailers


The Wave handheld RFID reader helps retailers deliver on their promise of in-stock items - and save money.

RFID technology leader SimplyRFID has actively been helping retailers achieve inventory accuracy by providing them with access to the Wave handheld RFID reader. The Wave system synchronizes data to the SimplyRFID Pogi data server on  Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables retailers to scale with ease, as they can leverage multiple Wave handhelds throughout their stores and synchronize SKU counts by store location. With simple API integrations, users can pull and query stock and integrate with omnichannel commerce systems such as Blue Yonder, New Store, Quickbooks, and Shopify.

"In short, the Wave system helps retailers attain inventory accuracy ― an outcome critical for positioning them to participate in a retail market dominated by omnichannel practices," said SimplyRFID CEO Carl Brown. 

SimplyRFID Pogi has an intuitive, speedy user interface for managing work orders, as well as monitoring and accepting stock counts from multiple devices. The primary use case of the product is to achieve exceptional inventory accuracy, and a byproduct of that achievement is additional savings. In this sense, the platform doubles as a time management tool that also offers revenue solutions for retailers in need of savings opportunities. 

The Wave system functions as a turn-key solution and currently costs less than $2,500 per location. The SimplyRFID platform helps users source RFID tags from Asia (less than $0.04 per tag) and the USA ($0.05 per tag), as well as industrial RFID printers from Zebra or Printronix for $1,600. The platform also assists users in developing best business practices for product rollouts and contract manufacturer integration. 

The applications of SimplyRFID's Wave technology are truly limitless. Common use cases to date include the inventory management of wine cellarsjewelry storeseyeglass stores, and a variety of retail-based businesses.

Using the Wave reader is easy. Users simply place the RFID tags of their choosing on products and commission the tag to the item through the Wave system. Squeeze the Wave handheld trigger and the platform reads hundreds of RFID tags within seconds. Wave can also locate misshelved products with a Geiger counter-like function.

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