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Over 3,000 Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers rely on SimplyRFID for same-day Military Shipping Labels, RFID, and UID -- in one shot.

Nearly everything shipped to the DoD requires RFID. SimplyRFID, a leader and innovator in inventory management and supply chain technology is the number one supplier of RFID technology. Unique Identification (UID) labels are required on all mission-critical items shipped to the DoD, as well as items valued at $5,000 or greater. UID labels contain specific information about the item and are engineered to ensure that they endure the lifespan of that specific item.

Officially, the RFID mandate is DFARS 252.211-7006 and is included in the master solicitation of all contracts created after 2005. While some bulk commodities, including sand, gravel, liquids, agricultural products and some others, do not require RFID tags when shipped, the DoD has been moving towards the mandatory use of UID labels on more and more types of shipments.

Every shipment to the military requires an RFID tag that corresponds to a specific RFID number. The number is relayed to the DoD prior to arrival, so the recipients at DoD know exactly what to expect in advance with each shipment that arrives.

UID labels are a more comprehensive solution, with a unique tag placed on each part valued “$5,000 and above, or mission-critical,” according to strict DoD guidelines. The unique part numbers allow the military to easily track who the item was purchased from and when the item needs to be properly serviced and supported.

SimplyRFID also provides legacy solutions still utilized by the DoD, including MSL (Military Shipping Labels) and Unit Pack Labels. While older technology, it is still in use in many applications across the DoD in several less critical areas of operation that are not as reliant on the security, speed, and accuracy that modern UID technology provides.

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