SimplyRFiD Launches Popsicle RAIN RFID Flag Tag for Metal, Liquid Products

SimplyRFiD Popsicle RFID Tag

The Popsicle combines a transparent adhesive portion and non-adhesive RFID flag ideal for tagging metallic-surface products without obscuring product details.

SimplyRFiD has simplified the RFID tagging and tag selection process with the Popsicle RAIN RFID tag. Traditional RFID tags obscure product text when placed on products, or they don't work on products containing metallics or liquids. Designed for Shopify inventory management systems or modern RFID inventory control, the Popsicle is priced for high-volume supply chain use with none of the disadvantages.

Unique features of the SimplyRFiD Popsicle v3: 

1) A clear adhesive area that does not obscure product text. This allows the tag to be placed over descriptive product text and still allows consumers to see the existing product detail.

2) Non-adhesive RFID flag will stand off from the product surface to allow tagging of products containing metal or liquids. Additionally, the RFID tag area contains a synthetic white face for printing human-readable text or adding a barcode

3) The popsicle works in standard RFID printers/encoders for low-cost printing and encoding.


The Popsicle is available now. Please contact for sampling and more information.

Source: SimplyRFiD