SimplyRFID Partners With Surgio Health to Automate Hospital Sterile Processing Department

Surgio Track is designed to modernize medical tray procurement and preparedness.

SimplyRFID, a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems, has partnered with Surgio Health to automate the hospital sterile processing department (SPD). With hospitals needing to keep track of medical tray location, delivery, and sterilization, SimplyRFID's technology efficiently solve all of these problems. 

Surgio Track, powered by SimplyRFID's technology, tracks assets to add an automated layer of monitoring and location tracking. The system includes alarms to both identify equipment that misses customizable critical processing milestones and prevent assets from passing through thresholds without proper sterilization. Surgio Track's quick asset locating doesn't require human input and provides data to promote workflow efficiency over time.

"We chose SimplyRFID because of their team's willingness to work with us and develop new markets, as well as because of their unbiased knowledge of the existing markets," said Tony Passalacqua, SVP of Logistics & Implementation at Surgio. "Surgio uses radio-frequency ID to validate the sterilization process and ensure that it has been followed to protect patient safety."  

Without RFID tracking, hospitals can experience a multitude of challenges related to sterile processing, including staff members not adhering or not having enough time to follow manual processes and the inability to properly track tray movement data. With SimplyRFID, SPD managers, surgeons, and other members of clinical staff can utilize automated asset tracking and the external alarm system to quickly locate necessary equipment and reduce human error.

"When patient lives are on the line and every minute is expensive, quickly finding assets is critical," said Carl Brown, CEO at SimplyRFID. "Automated QA provides priceless peace of mind that the asset is safe to use and reduces the potential for serious sentinel events." 

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SimplyRFID is a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world.

About Surgio Health:

Surgio Health is the leading Surgical Logistics Management partner for IDNs and healthcare companies that was designed and built to deliver SPD-focused solutions that lower costs, mitigate risk, and improve the quality of patient care. 

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