SimplyRFID's Wave 3 Streamlines the Data Center Audit Process From Days to Minutes

RFiD Wave Inventory Marker

Using RFID, Wave audits at an average of 500 items per minute. Wave's unique "Marker Tag" revolutionizes indoor item positioning, saving countless hours.

Data centers have an average of 2,500 IT assets requiring quarterly audits at a minimum. Traditional methods of entering serial numbers in a spreadsheet take days and are often 20% inaccurate or "skipped."

SimplyRFID's Wave takes inventory in minutes, and the data is super accurate.

What Makes Wave Better?

A premier data center hosting provider chose Wave across a multi-country rollout because Wave does it all and has room for growth.

Marker Tags: Markers allow users to instantly and automatically scan all the equipment in a rack "to that rack," saving time.

Audit Reports: Show a daily/weekly/quarterly of all the items found or missing. With Wave, audits take minutes and can occur more frequently.

What's been missing? Wave tells users "how long" items are missing to identify target problem areas.

Integration with External Systems

Wave integrates to IT vendors' APIs, meaning no more typing in serial numbers. For example, with Wave, one can directly connect to Cisco and pull all the part details on their switches via the serial number. Other APIs allow integration to any vendor with an exposed endpoint for automatic data collection.

Better Data. Faster.

Wave can also automatically sync to a help desk or ticket system, like ServiceNow, making data hyper-accurate. Wave brings the efficiency of RFID to any platform via an extensive JSON, Javascript, and Python API set.

Wave: Anywhere in the world.

Wave supports data collection synchronization via cloud across the world. Wave also supports "groups" so data is only visible to users with a need to know by location or management level.

SimplyRFiD Wave 3 "turn-key" RFID hardware and software system starts at around $2,200 and is well-equipped at about $3,000. Contact SimplyRFID to get started.

About SimplyRFID

SimplyRFID is a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world.

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