Using SimplyRFID, Small to Midsize Retailers Achieve Inventory Accuracy to Compete With Big Box Retailers

The inventory management platform provides retail businesses with critical accuracy capabilities, giving them the opportunity to compete within their respective industries

As the industry leader in RFID technology, SimplyRFID has continued to provide its customers with precise inventory accuracy, empowering businesses to generate revenue and effortlessly navigate the omnichannel environment. In an era in which retailers face challenges such as increased overstocking, inaccurate forecasting and trend detection capabilities, poor cost-effectiveness, and unpleasant customer experiences, inventory accuracy is an essential component of business operations that retailers need in order to survive. 

If a small or midsize retailer wants to compete with "big-box" retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, the retailer must be able to make products available to ship to customers as fast as possible. An omnichannel environment is an absolute necessity to achieve this objective. 

Retailers that use SimplyRFID have this advantage. Users can leverage the SimplyRFID platform's comprehensive tagging system to effectively monitor inventory items. 

With a wide range of tag types available, users can select their desired tag and immediately begin tracking the on-site location of items, set item pictures for visual catalog enhancements, locate missing items, and leverage GPS technology to accurately display inventory layout. Users can also add additional asset ID fields to their system to encompass all aspects of their inventories necessary to accurately project trends and prevent overstocking. 

SimplyRFID's omnichannel support allows for integrations with systems such as Blue Yonder, Shopify, Quickbooks, and New Store. These integrations provide businesses with the ability to reliably manage transactions that occur on company websites, apps, and in-person at physical store locations, all while simultaneously having full visibility and control of inventory management.  

"Inventory management has evolved in many ways in just the last few months. Platforms need to be able to offer environments that address all of the needs of a modern retailer and solve related problems," said SimplyRFID CEO Carl Brown. 

"In many ways, inventory management platforms need to double as time management and revenue solutions. They must save retailers time, drive cost efficiency, and prevent inventory issues before they arise to maximize revenue generation potential. Wasting time on preventable issues is simply not realistic in 2022." 

There are very few solutions available to retailers that can have an immediate impact on inventory accuracy. SimplyRFID's omnichannel support and integration-friendly environment allow retailers to ship products either through same-day or expedited options, which in turn increases overall ROI. 

SimplyRFID's standard package, priced at $2,700, stands as one of the most competitive offers on the market to date. This also applies to its software-only offering, which is priced at $995. 

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