Wave's New Feature, 'Marker Tag,' Reduces Inventory Time for Retail Companies

Simply RFID Wave

Last year, Akash Bajaj chose SimplyRFID's Wave to scale up Advance Apparel's operations and grow his business. A year later, Advance Apparel moved to the next level with Wave marker tags.

What does Wave's marker tag do? 

For growing retail businesses, tracking inventory levels and locations can be very challenging. Not finding the right SKU can lead to loss of sales and unsatisfied customers. With Wave's new marker tag feature, business owners get unparalleled knowledge of the items they have in stock and how many of each remain. This insight shortens the time spent looking for a specific SKU, allowing employees to assist more customers. 

The new marker tag feature on SimplyRFID's Wave is a unique additional grouping indicator for the tags in the inventory. It is designed for marking specific areas inside a massive location. For example, a warehouse may have different markers assigned for each rack within the facility. A quick scan of the CS108 handheld will update scanned items in the inventory page and automatically associate each to the nearest marker tag.

"The marker tag feature brings together the functionality of RFID and the benefits of automation you can achieve with RFID," said Akash. "With marker tags, we have been able to inventory our 10,000 square foot warehouse in a matter of minutes." 

Wave: Managing inventory in multiple locations

Using Wave, managing inventory on multiple locations is easier than ever. A simple scan taken as the boxes are moved between multiple locations automatically keeps track of the stock movement. Users can open the Wave mobile app and pinpoint the precise location of a specific box. 

SimplyRFiD Wave 3 "turnkey" RFID hardware and software system starts at around $2,200 and is well-equipped at about $3,000. Contact SimplyRFID to get started.

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