With RFID, Auto Dealerships Can Manage Thousands of Cars and Inventory Accurately in Minutes

SimplyRFID's auto tracking solution starts at $99/month, including hardware and the first 100 RFID tags. The system can be easily read from 10 or more feet away from the car, making the inventory process simple, fast and efficient.

 With SimplyRFID, auto dealerships are simplifying the unique set of challenges that come with inventorying hundreds — potentially thousands — of cars. Test drives, acres of parking lots, and the logistical hurdles that come with auto inventory can make taking an accurate count challenging. Just like in other industries, however, inventory can just as easily go missing. Keeping an accurate count of thousands of cars daily can take hours; with SimplyRFID, that same count can be completed twice daily in just 20 minutes.

"AutoSpot has more than 1,000 vehicles to choose from. But, sometimes they aren't on the main lot. With Wave, we can scan a car and its location is updated in real-time, making it easy to find any vehicle, wherever it might be," said Mohammad Abdulshokur, Owner at AutoSpot LLC. 

With inventory as valuable as automobiles, it's essential for dealerships to inventory daily. For about $1 per car, a combined GPS and RFID solution can make the process up to 10 times faster. SimplyRFID's handheld Wave was designed for this task, with its ability to read tags from 10-20 feet away and at speeds of up to 75 mph. Timestamps and GPS data are stored on the SimplyRFID Pogi server, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Permanently tagged vehicles are auto-recognized the moment they arrive for service. Mirror hang tags are easily reusable and can be transferred and reassigned to the next car. The reusability adds even more value to the tags and drops the total cost of tags even further.

If inventory does go missing while tagged with RFID, the information is easily shareable via CSV for further investigation. Using SimplyRFID's Pogi API, users can easily build a webpage to share with team members containing all key information, including year, make, model, photos, and GPS marker with a hotlink to Google Maps.

For more information on how RFID is helping auto dealerships manage their inventory with RFID and GPS, visit https://www.simplyrfid.com/how-to/car-dealer-inventory-system/.

To try SimplyRFID risk-free, visit: https://www.simplyrfid.com/how-to/get-started-with-rfid/.

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